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I really enjoy Barre Class so much. I have been attending classes for a very long time. You always get a full body workout and feel so good afterward. I have also tried Spin Class for a great cardio workout and love it too! Jillian is so sweet. She really keeps the classes fresh and fun! I have met so many wonderful people through OPB&F. Love our Tribe!

Did I mention my doctor says this is a great workout for someone like myself with osteoporosis?!

Audrey V.

After many years of avoiding group exercise classes because I was never really comfortable, I was thrilled to find Jillian's Barre class! From the moment I met her I knew I had found something special. Jillian has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. She is inspiring and always manages to throw in new moves so it never gets old! Barre has become part of my life. The studio is clean, comfortable, inviting and well equipped. I am beyond thankful that we have this amazing studio and this incredible instructor right here in the Berkshires.

Jill H. 

Physical fitness has always been an important part of my life; I joined on pointe back in October of 2021 when I saw a sign advertising a new studio. I have tried many classes over the years and was hooked after just one class; barre is appropriate for all fitness levels and you can customize it to be as challenging as you would like it to be.
Jillian is an excellent instructor and offers several different in person classes as well as online options. This studio is the best I have found !!!!

Marie L.

I've been struggling with neuropathy for a few years now. It affects how I move and especially my balance. I fell a lot. Anyway, I was looking for some kind of exercise that I could do to strengthen my muscles and help me with balance. I was afraid to even walk the dog by myself because I didn't want to fall.  The Barre studio fit all my needs. I can hang onto the barre while doing the exercises and I found that my balance in everyday life was much better. I don't fall as much lol. (less bruises too!) I feel better too, overall. Thank you so much for the time you spend with every one of us. You've helped me gain confidence in even just walking. Thank you again and I'll see you at class. 

Tammy G.

I started taking barre in my late sixties to build strength as I aged. Making the small muscles of my right knee stronger has prevented knee surgery. Barre definitely works to build muscle, balance, and a positive attitude. 

The studio is so much better than a gym! The space is cozy, light, and always clean. All the equipment is right there. 

Jillian is a great instructor whose classes are challenging but not punishing. She never pushes, she encourages. Her goal is not perfection and she is all about safety, variety, and fun. Other students are friendly; even my husband is welcome! 

Barre at On Pointe with Jillian is always a satisfying, fun experience. It's not always easy, but the physical and mental rewards are great!

Jerri C.

I love barre because it absolutely works! I have been with Jillian for 4 or 5 years now and I have stayed with the program because it gives me the results I've been looking for. I'm in my forties, I have 3 kids and I have tried a ton of exercise programs and this is the one that works for me! 

Roberta MD.

Jessyca G.

My favorite thing about On Pointe Barre and Fitness is the variety of classes that are offered at an array of different times that make it easy for a busy working mom to attend. The on-demand library is an added bonus to be able to participate in classes from home as well. The studio is my sanctuary and I always look forward to seeing the strength and progress I receive from my workouts as well as catching up with the other women who attend that I have formed friendships with th

I started Barre because it reminded me of the ballet lessons I loved as a kid, but it’s Jillian and the wonderful community of folks at the studio who keep me coming back.

Danielle S.

Barre class is a great full body workout. Jillian makes class fun and offers modifications. Her studio is clean, organized, and very welcoming.

Kerri T.

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